How does one benefit from joining sorority?
There are many advantages to joining our Panhellenic Community, including a support system that provides resources and opportunities to enhance your experiences at Northeastern University, including educational resources, leadership programs, community service activities, and networking opportunities. These chapters were founded on values that promote friendship, leadership, scholarship, and philanthropy and thus, women who join our chapters can benefit from these opportunities in their daily lives.

When can I join a sorority?
You can join as early as your first semester!

What are the financial obligations of being in a sorority?
Our individual chapters have Member Dues that go toward the Chapter Operations and the Chapter Events and National Organizations. There are also individual New Member Dues that are paid to the individual chapter as a New Member. These obligations vary by chapter. You are strongly encouraged to talk about these financial obligations with our women.

How can joining a sorority affect my educational endeavors?
Our individual chapters provide great opportunities and resources for members, from hosting weekly academic sessions to planning monthly programming, such as Scholarship Banquets and Guest Speakers. For more information, Northeastern University shares Grade Reports regarding Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Is hazing a part of the culture at Northeastern University?
Here at Northeastern University, there is a Zero Tolerance Policy for hazing. Organizations must follow both National and Northeastern University’s regulations to ensure the safety of every individual member of the Greek community. The Student Organization Resource Guide includes the Massachusetts Hazing Statute.

Does Northeastern University have houses?
No, Northeastern University does not have housing accommodations. Many members choose to live together, but these accommodations are not sanctioned by Northeastern University.

When does Panhellenic Recruitment occur? 
In the Fall Semester, the Panhellenic Council hosts Formal Recruitment, in which chapters participate in welcoming New Members. Women from every chapter act as Recruitment Guides, also known as Rho Gammas, to Potential New Members. In the Spring Semester, chapters may choose to participate in Informal Recruitment. The Panhellenic Council does not host Informal Recruitment, and the number of participating chapters varies.

Are there any requirements for joining a sorority?
Our individual chapters do have Grade Point Average Requirements. Please contact our Vice President of Recruitment with any questions.

Who’s responsible for managing these sororities?
Our individual chapters elect Executive Boards that manage Chapter Operations, and elect Cabinets that manage Chapter Events. These Executive Boards and Cabinets are often supported by Advisors and Regional Volunteers. Our Panhellenic Council also includes an Executive Board and Cabinet, and a designated Panhellenic Advisor who serves as a contact for the Panhellenic Community.

I am not exactly sure if I want to join a sorority.
Northeastern University has ten diverse organizations that continuously excel in leadership, friendship, scholarship, and philanthropy. It is a superb experience, why not just give it a try?

Who can I contact with further questions?
Please visit Contact to reach out to us.