How can I benefit from joining a sorority?
There are many advantages to joining a Panhellenic sorority, including a support network to help transition into and feel comfortable within college life, academic resources, leadership experiences, encouragement to get involved on campus in a meaningful way, and service project opportunities. These organizations were founded on principles that promote campus involvement, academic excellence, community service, and sisterhood; women who join sororities can benefit from these opportunities and value systems in their everyday lives. 

When am I able to join a sorority?
You can join as early as your first semester of freshman year! 

What is the financial obligation of being in a sorority?
Each chapter has dues that go toward local activities and the chapter's national organization. This is the major mandatory payment, and does range from chapter to chapter. Dues typically range from $300-$400 per semester, depending on the chapter. There is also usually a one time new member fee paid to the chapter in the first semester of membership. You are encouraged to discuss these financial obligations with chapter women.

How will joining a Greek organization affect my academic pursuits?
Greek organizations offer great resources for students academically, from holding study hours to planning educational programming events. Some examples of these educational events include guest lecturers and health and safety presentations. 

Is hazing a part of the Greek culture at Northeastern?
Here at Northeastern, there is a zero tolerance policy for hazing. Organizations follow both National regulations and Northeastern's rules to ensure the safety and well-being of every member of the Greek community.

Do you have sorority houses?
No, Northeastern does not have sorority houses.

When does recruitment occur? 
Every fall semester, typically during the first few weeks of September, a formal recruitment process will be held. This means each chapter on campus will be welcoming new members. The Panhellenic Council oversees this process. Disaffiliated sisters from nearly every chapter act as guides and mentors to women who are going through the recruitment process. In the spring, chapters may choose to participate in a more informal spring recruitment process. The number of chapters holding spring recruitment varies every year.

Are there any requirements for joining a sorority?
Each chapter does have a GPA requirement, usually above a 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale).

Who is actually in charge of the sororities?
Individual chapters elect officers to manage the operations of the chapter. Each chapter also has a group of women who hold chair positions and are responsible for specific chapter events, including philanthropy, ritual, and community service. These officers and chairs are assisted by alumni who act as advisors. There are paid professional staff and regional volunteers who work with each chapter to give advice and help with any issues. At Northeastern, one designated Panhellenic advisor is on staff and serves as the primary contact for the Panhellenic community. The Panhellenic Council officer board and group of chairs are responsible for managing the Panhellenic Council activities. 

I'm not sure if sorority life is for me.
Our campus has nine great, diverse, unique chapters who excel in their leadership, community service, and sisterhood. It's a superb experience so if you're not sure if it's for you, why not just give it a try?

Who can I contact with further questions?
Please visit Contact to reach out to us.