Sigma Sigma Sigma is a national organization that exists as a sisterhood to ensure a perpetual bond of friendship, to develop strong womanly character, and to promote high standards of conduct. The Epsilon Chi chapter at Northeastern was chartered in 1991, and since then this sisterhood has grown and become a home to many women over the years. With over 100 wonderful women currently in the chapter, the sisters of Epsilon Chi strive to strengthen their sisterhood everyday through supporting and getting to know one another. 

Fast Facts

National Philanthropy
The Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation, Sigma Sigma Sigma Educational Foundation, March of Dimes

Philanthropy Events
Kicks for Kids, March of Dimes

Being able to share a bond of the heart makes Tri Sigma unlike any other organization you will ever join. It becomes a part of you, even if you don’t know it right away. The women in Tri Sigma see a light in you that you might not see in yourself, it is a place to blossom into the best version of who you are meant to be as a woman.
— Sofia Rojo del Busto
Having gone to an all girls’ high school, I realized after a year at Northeastern that sisterhood was what I was missing in college. Going through recruitment is to this day the best decision I have ever made, and I cannot overstate how much it has meant to me to have such an incredible group of women supporting me and empowering me to reach my full potential.
— Christina Sirabella